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Before He Rose - Custom AF1 Low By GourmetKickz

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This Easter "Chef" decided to cook a dish that helps us remember why we celebrate this special time of year. Forget about fluffy bunnies and sweets hidden all over the yard, let's take a moment to remember a real HERO before there were HEROES.

"Chef" takes the time to create an elaborate play on words with this "Before He Rose....HE was flesh and bone like me" Custom AF1 Low.

Playing off the word "Rose" to Chef takes advantage of the imagery in this fabric depicting a dead figure in a crown of roses. Let your mind go wild with the many meanings this could have.

Could this imagery be of HIM on the cross, with the two condemned thieves who died at HIS side? Could this crown of ROSES symbolize his RISE from the dead? Is the play on the name even "Before He Rose..." more symbolic of how we should look to a REAL HERO from a time before there were HEROES? The possibilities are endless.

Imagery of the Spear of Destiny, Gold fabric, and wood fabric cement the idea of what this shoe is trying to say. Have fun with it, get deep with it, or just rock em and think nothing of it. Either way, someone will see them and your SOLES can have an impact!

Happy Easter
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